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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I think I got it....

Ok, so I first added 'posts' as 'comments', so disregard. I have since figured it out!
I will post some photos of our little Owen, man we can't get enough of him.
I think he may be missing his daddy a little. Grady is in Kamloops all week for area meetings. When he gets home on Friday I am off to Vancouver to help Julia with some wedding stuff. Fun times! This will be the first time I am really away from Owen, but he always has such a fun time with dad. I also know dad takes such good care of him. He is really looking forward to his weekend alone with the baby. Must be hard to have to leave him for work; i'm not sure I could. What to do next year when mat leave runs out? Worry about it later I guess.
I've enjoyed reading other people's blogs, I still think this is pretty neat.
Talk to you again tomorrow.


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