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Sunday, December 18, 2005

my baby...not so baby anymore

Hi everyone,
I really don't have much to say but I really love this blog thing so I must contribute something. What I have noticed over the last few days is that my baby really isn't so 'baby' anymore. Owen will be five months on boxing day, time has really flown by. We have been busy not only with the baby, but with adjusting to life in our new town. Owen was born on a Tuesday and we moved to Lillooet on Sunday! In the midst of meeting new people, learning the town and unpacking (which we're STILL doing), Owen has just gone along his merry way and grown up! How dare he!! He is so big and squirmy now. He only likes to be held facing outward and really likes to 'play' with toys. He lives for his jolly jumper and even seems to enjoy alone time in his crib. The days of cuddling and falling asleep in my arms are fading. Now when we cuddle he giggles and burries his head in my neck, kicks his little feet. I love all this too, I am just realizing that the real 'baby' in him is slipping away. I now know why women have more than one baby! The need for a 'baby' is so strong. And let me tell you, I never thought I would have a second after giving birth to the first 10 lb 2 ozer! I guess all you women were right that told me the memories of the pain will fade and I will want another baby, because Owen makes us so happy! This picture is of Owen sleeping in my arms last night. I made Grady grab the camera asap to snap away as this is rare these days. He is so sweet.
Enjoy. Patricia


Blogger Poetsch Family said...

Yes, they sure grow up fast. Trust me, Vayda started Kindergarted already and Tessa is going to be two in March. AHHHHH.
Enjoy the baby stage. When you have another baby, time seems to go even faster. I guess cause you're so busy.

12:07 AM  
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