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Friday, December 08, 2006


Our intent with Owen is to have 'family traditions'; some we will be passing down to him from previous generations, others we will be starting new with him. One tradition that Grady and I both have memories of is going out and cutting down the Christmas tree. Often this was done with many people, and included tobaganning and hot chocolate.

Being the naive parents we are, we bundled up Owen last Sunday and ventured Whistler way for a tree. Did I mention Owen hates snow? Minor detail...After looking and looking for a tall and slender tree this year we finally had found 'our gem'. We 4X4 up a mountain, park the Jeep and get ready to cut the beauty down. Did I mention Owen hates snow yet? Anyway, we are good parents, really. Owen was bundled up in snowpants, his jacket, toque, mittens - he had just woken from a nap, had some snacks - we thought we were ready to roll. Out we get - so far, so good.

"Owen let's watch daddy saw the tree!" says mommy.
Owen looks a little concerned at this point, but hangs in there. Did I mention he hates snow? I must have by now...
"Look, lets go up in the snow bank and help daddy" silly mommy

*mayday - mayday*

INSTANT TEARS...tears that wouldn't stop. The minute I sat him down he screamed, loud enough I am sure that hibernating bears were woken up. So, I carried him. Silly mommy, Owen weighs 30 lbs...not good.
So, we played in the Jeep while daddy did all the work! Owen had good fun once we were there! I said to Grady it is the Spanish blood in Owen making him hate the snow. He needs hot and he knows it.

We'll try again next year, that's the beauty of traditions!

Clapping to go home :)



Blogger Poetsch Family said...

Sweet tree. I love going in the woods to get our tree. I am all for family traditions. Next year will be better, cause he'll be able to walk in the snow by himself.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Vicki said...

Love family traditions. Maybe you can make Owen hating snow part of yours...he could protest every year!
The tree looks great! Give OWen a snuggle from me, and my girls...Megan thinks he's adorable:)

9:53 PM  

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