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Saturday, November 18, 2006

This looked pretty interesting.....that being said, it took a long time. Time I should have used to finish a paper! Oh well, this was more fun.

1. I am off Spanish heritage.
2. Can’t speak Spanish though.
3. I have a baby boy
4. His name is Owen Hugh Dwane Cameron – named after his grandpa’s
5. My middle name is Christine.
6. Christine is my mom’s middle name too.
7. And my grandma’s middle name.
8. And my great-grandma’s first name was Christina.
9. I have been happily married to Grady Cameron for three years.
10. We dated for four years before we were married.
11. I have 1 biological brother and 1 biological sister.
12. I have 1 stepsister and 2 stepbrothers
13. I really want another baby.
14. My heart says “Right now”.
15. I am a full-time student.
16. My brain says “No baby now”.
17. A lot of my friends had babies this year.
18. I am at my computer 7 hours a day, at least.
19. I check my email and my blog obsessively.
20. I also obsess over my health.
21.Which isn’t great.
22. I miss Summerland.
23. Sadly, I probably will never live there again.
24. Grady is a Fisheries Officer.
25. There is no Fisheries Office in Summerland.
26. The closest is Armstrong.
27. Grady eats a lot of spicy food
28. I eat no spicy food.
29. I will never not be married to Grady,.I love him so much.
30. I love Christmas.
31. I also love Christmas baking. Mmmmm.
32. I really miss some of my old friends.
33. Especially Vicki and Chelsea.
34. I saw someone get Electric Shock Therapy the other day. Not nice.
35. I love my baby’s voice.
36. I really need new carpet.
37. I have great neighbors.
38. And live in a great neighborhood.
39. I love Rob Thomas.
40. His music I mean.
41. I think I have seen every episode of Dora. For real.
42. We drive a Jeep.
43. But are looking to upgrade, maybe to a van…..
44. Maybe to another Jeep……
45. Or maybe to a Honda Pilot……
46. Owen knows how to use the remote control.
47. I miss Jim and Helen in Terrace.
48. They were our old neighbours, but really more like pseudo parents.
49. I am puzzled as to why all the good tv shows are on Thursday nights..
50. I’m writing an essay right now about long acting anti-psychotic meds.
51. I graduated from high school in 1996.
52. My parents live in Summerland.
53. So do my in-laws.
54. Sometimes this is convenient.
55. Sometimes it isn’t.
56. Grey’s Anatomy rocks.5
7. I have lost about 10 highlighters this semester.
58. One of my favourite stores is Home Depot.
59. I want to learn how to ski.
60. And snowboard.
61. I love craft magazines like Better Homes….
62. I think I am destined to have all boys.
63. I miss my missing kitty.
64. Making this list takes a long time.
65. I don’t have much time these days.
66. I tried to blog everyday.
67. I wasn’t successful.
68. But I did improve.
69. Our friends from Terrace moved to Lillooet and bought the house next door.
70. I have a ggg-rr-ee-aa-ttt daycare lady.
71. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs.
72. I want to take a tour of my old highschool.
73. I missed my 10 yr. reunion this summer.
74. Because of school I miss a lot of things.
75. I want to learn to be a better cook.
76. I had $19.00 in library fines this week! Ouch.
77. My favourite movie is Pretty Woman.
78. My grandma is 94!!
79. I grew up on an orchard.
80. Just about time for Santa photos.
81. My knees crack all the time.
82. I sleep with a body pillow.
83. This sometimes annoys my hubby!
84. I think Owen is a lefty.
85. I would never bungee jump.
86. Our computer is 1 year old.
87. My auntie Rene is coming from Saskatchewan next week.
88. I am “this” close to being done my Christmas shopping.
89. I want it to snow soon.
90. I am addicted to Young and the Restless.
91. So is my other grandma.
92. I had a visit with an old friend the other day, it was great.
93. We are putting up Christmas lights today.
94. Hooray for chocolate.
95. Grady makes the best homemade hot chocolate.
96. I am a knitter and a quilter
97. I was born February 23, 1978.
98. I went to all the World Junior Hockey games last year. Awesome.
99. I want to go to Science World in December to see the Body of Life exposition.
100. My maiden name is Fernandez.


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Great list!!


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