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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

we're finally home

Hi everyone,
We're so glad to be home, finally. We both feel like we haven't spent much time in our house since we moved to Lillooet in the summer. If the weather keeps up we will be doing yard work next month, (by the looks of it outside I could be raking today but.....)

Our little man was a trooper over the weekend. He was in and out of his car seat a dozen times in two days and lasted through a four hour dinner at Fieney's on Saturday night. We're so proud of him.

Grandma Cameron bought him some new swim trunks so we took Owen into the hotel pool. He loved it! It was his first time swimming in a pool as Lillooet's is only open May, June and July. Small towns. Needless to say, we will be swimming our buns off (literally I hope) come May.

Just gonna put this out there, but who still can't believe they're a mom? I still feel so weirded out (in a good way) sometimes when I look at Owen and think of the road ahead. I have three good friends having babies this year (one a first timer) and when we talk about babies/children I still feel the wow factor. Creating life is unreal. I am so in awe of him....We feel so lucky to have Owen, even if we are blessed with only one baby, he is awesome. We'll take it!
Enjoy the photos! Patricia


Blogger Vicki said...

He is pretty cute, and of course special. I can't believe I'm a mom and I've been here for 5 years. Donovan and I still look at each other sometimes and are wierded out that we're actually allowed to live together (never mind the mom & dad part). It NEVER gets old. I wonder if our parents still have moments like that?? Most of the time I feel much too young and immature to be responsible for other people (never tell my kids that!), but I think that most people feel that way sometimes, don't they?

6:31 PM  
Blogger Angella said...

I know I do. There are many a day that I'll be driving with the kids and think, "I'm a MOM. When did that happen." Or I'll look at Matthew & think, "I'm a WIFE. Crazy"
Owen's a cutie!

10:32 AM  
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