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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A year has come and gone

Our baby is a baby no more. Toddler-like really. I love it (and secretly hate it a little). He is so awesome, full of smiles and laughs. Walking around like crazy, "talking" like crazy, steam-rolling the cats, sleeping with a stuffed bear, going to daycare, brushing his teeth, climbing on the furniture...I really am happy, but a little sad too. These feelings make us both want another baby, but our plates are too full right now. We are enjoying every moment with Owen, I know I need to take it all in, because soon, he will be two, then three, then four, then sixteen, then twenty, then married, then moving away.....AHHH slow down Patricia......sniff, sniff. How do other mom's handle this? I just want to squeeze my boy all day long and never let go!
Some photos to reflect.....


Blogger Vicki said...

I know. It's hard. Megan will be SIX next week. I still remember when youand Grady came to see us at the hospital. Your baby will always be your baby. You'll probably feel the same way next year, too. Just remember to cherish every moment of this year (I have spent a lot of time saying the same things yet forgetting that the current moment is new, too). Happy one year anniversary of parenthood. It gets better and better! (And you'll have another baby when you are ready...if you want to. You'll just know!)

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Angella said...

I just posted about those very feelings :)

Happy Birthday to Owen!

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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