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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Last week on my way home from Kamloops, after finishing up some clinical hours, I started thinking about how busy I am with school, how much I dislike my baby going to daycare (even though Heather is awesome, I am the kind of parent who wants to spend as much time as possible with her child), how my house is falling apart (because I am so busy with school I have no time to clean it), how I spend an unlimited amount of time in front of my computer contributing to sessions and writing essays (APA format, of course).....and then.....I experienced a mini-mental breakdown. In all the confusion that is my life these days, I totally forgot to even think, or shed one tear about, my kitten, who has been missing now for almost four weeks. I started crying uncontrollably. I am sure it was due to a combination of being over tired and emotional.

For those of you who don't know me that well, I love my cats. Love my cats. Love my cats. It all began in Terrace when we adopted two cats from the SPCA, George and Piper. Within two days Piper was pregnant and in August 2002, she gave birth to one sole kitten, Joey. As you can imagine there was NO way I was parting with one kitten. If she had birthed eight it might have been easier, but one! no way.

I am trying to keep my spirits up about Joey (and keep my mind off the coyotes in the back 40). Perhaps some nice neighbor is feeding him; sometimes missing cats reappear after months.

So, Joey, I think about you everyday. I miss you.
p.s. Your mom and dad miss you too. They have been extra cuddly since you left, so I am sure they would want you to come home as soon as you can.


Blogger Poetsch Family said...

Hope he comes home soon. I have enjoyed reading your blog everyday. Good job. It sounds like your life is pretty busy. Take care of yourself.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Vicki said...

Love that you're posting everyday, too. I do hope Joey comes home soon. When we lived in MontrealI had a cat (Abby). She 'disappeaed' for over a year. We then were visiting friends in another neighborhood (seriously) and who was in their yard? Abby. She had BERY distinctive markings so we knew. She simply found a new home. She was safe and happy. MAybe Joey's just taking a mini vacation:)

8:46 AM  

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