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Saturday, November 04, 2006

little plug

about my cousin Brian.

He's awesome. I can't explain him. It almost sounds too lame to describe him as funny, kind, loving, devoted, smart......he is so much more than that. He is a true friend. Someone I can talk to maybe only 12 times a year, yet we are still on the same page. His wife Colleen has allowed me to maintain this awesome relationship with Brian. (By the way, I friggin' love Colleen, she has taught me many things - I know she thinks I'm crazy sometimes but still loves me). When I was attending OUC in Kelowna I spent many a night on their couch - poor Colleen would go to bed and Brian and I would stay up and play "smack your bitch up...." (a made up card game). Neither of us can remember how to play it now, but we do remember laughing our tooshes off and having a blast. We also, are both serious Simpson watchers. No laughing please.....watching Simpsons is a serious good time if you let it be.

Why am I talking about Brian? Over the past, I'd say, five years or so, Brian and Colleen have truned to God. They have become Christians and in my opinion, have never been better. They are both leaders in their church and it seems to have been a very natural transition for them.

I have been struggling with finding that something to believe in. Something to help me make it through the hard times, as I have learned over the past few years, they do exist. I am not immune to heartache. Is God the answer for me? I am starting to ask myself some very difficult questions. Questions which involve looking inward and facing my true self. This is hard. However, having Brian and Colleen as role models is inspirational for me and I know they will be (and have been) helpful in guiding me to answering some of these hard questions.

Everyone who reads this should check out Brian's blog at He reads a book a month- something recommended from a friend. He is challenging himself and enlightening me at the same time. His writing is inspirational and thought provoking.


Anonymous Angella said...

Very cool. God is good...real good. Feel free to ask me about Christianity any time as well :)

8:08 AM  

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