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Monday, November 06, 2006

Like my own...

I am the first to admit that my brother, Michael, and his wife, Jill, are pretty much my two best friends. Jill and I talk on the phone everyday and as time goes on I am realizing I am as nerdy as my brother. I should start with him.

Michael is pretty nerdy, but thats what I love about him. He graduated from Lakeland College a few years ago and received the Governor General's award for being the top post-secondary student at his school. His intentions were to continue with his education, but Alberta Environment (AE) snatched him up, so his original plans were put on hold. He started as an environmental Inspector with AE and worked his way up to Investigator. Just recently he received another promotion and is heading a special task force with 11 other people, which deals with serious environmental disasters. If you asked him to explain his job to you, he would go on and on and on....Michael is also on the Sherwood Park Library board (SPLB) which may not sound that important, but it is a huge deal. The SPLB is a multi-million dollar organization and many influencial people are either a part of it or attend certain library functions. In addition, Michael is Emily's soccer coach and is attending Royal Roads University, by distance education, to complete his degree. Could someone be busier?!?

Jill. Jill is crazy. She runs a day home in Sherwood Park and every morning her house is inidated with like six kids. Crazy. She is so good with them all and she really is a role model of a mother for me. She is stern, yet gentle. She loves her kids unconditionally and is constantly boasting about them. Jill manages to run her whole house and supports my brother and his crazy life. Jill is funny, her and I share very similar humour and have very similar taste in clothes, decor, movies, food etc. Jill has a big family! She has FIVE brothers and TWO sisters! BIG! She loves her family. Jill was my matron of honor when Grady and I were married. She really is a true friend.

Emily and Zachary.....I really love these kids like they are my own. I have noted them in my will, literally, and we have chosen Michael and Jill to raise our kids in the event something happens to us. This is how much we trust and love them.

Emily has been bringing light into my life for 4 years and Zach for just about one! They are fantastic kids, so loving and funny. I miss them everyday and almost count sleeps until I get to see them.

So, thats a little more insight into my life. Enjoy.

Dammit, blogger won't let me upload pictures right now, so I will try again soon.


Anonymous Angella said...

What a great post - you're such a good writer - I'm glad you signed on for daily posts :)

11:35 AM  
Blogger Vicki said...

You are such a great Auntieand sister...and friend:)

1:40 PM  

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