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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween (belated of course!)

You heard me, Happy Halloween, I hope your day was filled with kit kats, aero bars, twix bars, caramilk bars, jersmey milk squares, smarties, reece peanut butter cups, & skittles! Mmm, that makes for a good day.

Our little man turned into a cowboy and appeared to love every minute of it. He didn't want to take his costume off, so I am sure he will continue to wear it for fun. Let the good times roll.
I of course missed all the festivities as I was in Kamloops continuing my practicum hours. Many stories for my month full of blogging.

For now, because it is late and I just arrived home from working three 12 hour shifts and drove 2 hours home, I will leave you with a picture of the cutest cowboy ever. Honestly.


Blogger Vicki said...

He is adorable!

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Angella said...

So cute! And so big! Looking forward to your daily posts!

10:22 AM  
Blogger Poetsch Family said...

He looks so cute and grown up. It is amazing how fast time flies. Glad you had a good Halloween, and welcome back to the blogging world.

11:32 AM  

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